Smart Cards, Platforms, Applications

We are one stop shop in Smart Cards to provide SIM and Smart Card modules and applications licences to different Smart Card Manufacturers in Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. Having our HQ located in Istanbul, we are very well positioned to deliver the best products and solutions in Smart card industry, including value added services such as fulfillment and consultancy to various countries across continents.


Alpha's team members have vast experience in the industry with today's evolving technologies.

Seriously Happy

We care about customer satisfaction, post production support and extended warranty for long-term partnerships.

Quick Progress

Your project deployments are fast and secure with Alpha in charge. We handle deliveries to be on projected workflow.


Our feasibility analysis and experience in production gives you an advantage in competition and product differentiation.

All SIM Cards in one place

As Alpha Bilisim, we provide all SIM Card form factors namely; 2FF (Standard) , 3FF (Micro) , 4FF (Nano) , All in One (Replugable), MFF2 form factors for Machine To Machine industrial SIMs.

Custom Solutions

Additionally we provide any type of Tailor Made fulfillment options according to customer requirements in various markets. The fulfillment types could be with or without user guides, barcode or security labels, outer boxes or envelopes and other material requests.

  • Industry standard compliant materials.
  • Experienced engineer team support.
  • Modern and versatile designs.
  • Competitive pricing options.
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